Tuesday 13 May 2014

Week 3 - Summary

Have you ever seen someone in a swimming pool trying real hard to move forward with just his legs... but doesn't move? Well, for sure it was me! So... this was the first week with swimming technique training. Am I moving? Nope, still not...

Distance on bike: 125 km (1 day powercranks)
Distance running: 18,2 km
Distance swimming: 2 km
Stability workouts: 2 (takes 2-3 hours on averange)
Total heartbeats: 67861 beats
Averange rest heartbeat (waking up): 53 beats / minute
Days remaining: 146

Flat tires: 1

Lessons Learned
I'm not a fish... but I can repair a flat tire!
First time powercranks, this is gonna take time :)

How does a powercrank look like? Imagine 2 pedals which drive the wheel independently. This allows for optimal power generation during the full leg cycle! (good to know: often hamstrings are underdeveloped which makes you lose a lot of potential)

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