Tuesday 13 May 2014

Mental Coaching - Total Coaching & Action Typing

Did you know that your personality type is related to your body posture, how muscles are developed and sport (training & racing) technique?

I had my first mental coaching session last week, and did not know at all what to expect. At first you think 'do I really need mental coaching, what can I learn about myself that I don't know yet?'. Previously, I had many trainings including one on personality typing (MBTI) where you have a very good idea about your strenghts and how you behave in different situations.

I was very suprised to learn that MBTI profiles can be mapped to 'Action Typing' which can learn you how you react & behave during trainings and races.... and how you can take advantage of your strenghts to compensate for your 'weaknesses' (that is, the personality dimensions you are not used to control or prefer the most).

My MBTI type is +- ENTP (Extraverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving). To demonstrate what this means some examples:
- I love to fantasise, create 'ideas' and brainstorm, it's hard to actually finish & implement things (I prefer to delegate this to others).
- I'm good at defining strategies & logical abstract thinking
- I have attention for everything around me, a 'large' view on the 'outside' world.

What is the trick to efficient training & racing? Use your strenghts to become extremly focussed. To become focussed, as ENTP try to aim to be 'IP' and not let your dominant 'EP' take over all the time. Some examples:
- Visualise how you will 'be' and 'feel' at the starting line or during a hard training.
- Fantasise what you will do in case of a breakdown (e.g. flat tire).
- Be aware of your body, and listen to it. Become aware of your breathing and heart rate.

Think of it! How powerfull this can be!

Many of the top athletes are very aware of these principles.

More info, find the web: TotalCoaching - Begeleiden met Action Type

(Me @ Blaarmeersen, Gent) It's OK to be an introvert from time to time! (C) Dries Van Havermaet

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