Friday 25 April 2014

Week 1 (Official shedule) - Summary

From 14/04/2014, the official training plan execution was started! YES!

The strategy is to build-up the duration quantity for several weeks with after that several quality weeks with a very specific focus.

Workouts run: 2x
Workouts swim: 2x
Workouts cycling: 3x
Workouts power & stability: 3x

It all went pretty ok... discovered the joy of music while running and after some intense training the 'high' effect. That can keep you going! :)

The stats are obviously still very low, I'm very curious how they will increase each week! Can someone try to make a guess what these will read in 10 weeks? :)

Distance on bike: 100 km
Distance running: 11,4 km
Distance swimming: 0 km
Stability workouts: 0
Total heartbeats: 41670 beats
Averange rest heartbeat (waking up): 52 beats / minute
Days remaining: 160

Lessons Learned
Believe in yourself, cause others might not...
Try to keep it healthy, you don't want to be a cripple after 27/09/2014 :)

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