Tuesday 8 April 2014

Bike training 3 - Keep the cadens!

Finally managed to get the cadens sensor working!

Decided to keep on doing some interval training, and set a new milestone to 30km+

In the beginning the knees did not feel optimal, so seems I'll need to focus a bit on strengthening those with squad training... hope this won't stop me! (same feeling yesterday with running 5km).

However I do feel that working on a nice cadens can prevent some injuries, thank you Matthias Verstraete for the advice!

Below an impression of the trends, not really stable yet :)

Distance: 34,5 KM
Cadence AVG: 83 RPM
Cadence MAX: 107 RPM
Speed AVG:  29,31 km/h
Speed MAX: 45,1 km/h
Power AVG: 130 Watt
Power MAX: 340 Watt

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