Saturday 5 April 2014

Bike training 1 - indoor

Experimented today indoor (was already pretty late) with some bike training on an TACX training system (upgraded i-flow with tacx 4.10 advanced software). Did not manage to get further as 20km... well, its a start :)

Pretty cool what you can analyze & observe nowadays, it even comes with integrated virtual reality!(yep, you can do the tour of flanders indoor whenever you would like)

Only have some issues with the POLAR HRM & Cadence sensor, hope to get that sorted out soon!

Next week thursday will be the big test & analysis day (performance, kine & bike fitting), curious what will come out.

Distance: 20km
Cadence AVG: /
Cadence MAX: /
Speed AVG:  26,74 km/h
Speed MAX: 45.1 km/h
Power AVG: 134 Watt
Power MAX: 466 Watt

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