Thursday 10 April 2014

Testday! Lactate + Kine stability + Bike fitting

Today was an important day. After 4 hours of testing & fitting we can almost really start with an extensive program! (officially next week).

The lactate test reveiled something interesting; since the last test in the hospital 1 year ago (more extensive, which included an oxygen mask, pretty crazy stuff) things have improved? Hmm... so doing nothing seems to help? Better to be on the safe side on work on those new lower limits.

And yep... max heartrate is still well above 210. This time 213, previous time 217. The 'norm' would be 220 - your age = 193. So no, I'm officially not 'normal' :)

The kinesist was pretty positive. A lot (too much?) of power in the quadriceps, really not enough in the hamstrings so there is some work todo to get some more balance in joints such the knees (what I fear most for, weak knees might kill this dream).

Bike fitting as last reveiled the bike was not really fitting to give maximum power, nowadays with 3D technology (and a lot of sensors, about 8 each side) and such you can precise your saddle, steer, etc fitting to the mm. Actually gives you a very comfortable feeling knowing you have now the optimal position. The saddle was moved 2cm to the front, pretty incredible how much more power and comfort that gives you!

So what's next? Just have some fun this week the coach said with a big smile... cause things will change :)

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