Sunday 28 September 2014

David, you are an IRONMAN!

After just 180 days of hard work, trainings & determination, no words can describe the feeling of crossing that finishline!

It shows anything is possible! This famous slogan to symbolize the Iron Man is how I lived day by day for the past 6 months. It was possible! As is anything that you really believe in!!

Was it amazing? Was it a lifetime experience? Did it change your life? IT DID! I truly found happiness in realizing this dream, the support from loved ones & family who joined last minute was incredible to share!

Some might wonder, what is your next challenge? It’s simple: remind myself what this was all about, and make time for friends again!

Thank you all again! YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!

I truly hope you find your happiness… just believe!

Swim (3,8km): 1:14:42 (no wetsuits allowed)
Bike (180km): 6:00:26
Run (42,2km): 4:25:49 (started with a severe bad knee, but everyone has something  )
Overall: 11:52:52

Some interesting stats (e.g. 20% does not finish):

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